Who We Are

Our main edge and distinctiveness are to be local and be Top Export Specilists: Work local, Trade global!

Some of our key Players:

Kari has been working in business development since 2001, with a versatile sectoral experience in Far and Middle Eastern and Northern European markets. Currently Kari is in charge of our research activities in Nordic countries and shares his time between the dynamic business hubs of Helsinki and Amsterdam.

Lucie has a strong background in international Export and Project Manager working with export and international business development, with a key focus on the French and Nordic markets. She has both worked for the public sector at Business France, the French Governmental Trade Agency as a Export Senior Consultant, and also for several years in the private sector in corporate like Maersk working directly with Export and Business Development projects on the French and international market.

Jenni has great experiences in Export Growth both at FINPRO, the Finnish Government Export Agency for 15 years, and  in Bogota with the local Chamber of Commerce, following Export Key Projects. Jenni has also a special expertise in Health care and Food & Beverage Sectors, developing a long track record of successful projects. Another key edge to become leading Agency in Export Solutions in Europe.

Noelia has wide international and innovation background, helping companies to grow internationally. Managing her own consulting firm for nearly 15 years, and worked as a Market Analyst for the Trade Commission of Spain in New York, as an Investment Analyst for ICEX (the Spanish Trade Agency) and as a Country Risk Expert for CESCE (the Spanish Export Credit Agency). She has also been qualified as an Expert in trade, competitiveness and innovation for major international institutions like the European Commission, the EBRD and the UN, and other Spanish institutions like the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Through her work for the European Commission, she has worked with many European startups and scale-up companies, especially from technological sectors.

Terhi has a lot of experience in international sales and business development gained in SMEs and Key Corporate, like Siemens, in many different industries. Terhi works already for many years as a Senior Export Consultant in helping companies in succeeding  in the German market. In our Team she will be also responsible for supporting German companies, looking for Export Growth in COLUMDAE markets and for the coordination of all activities in Germany.

To know more about us please write at: copenhagen(et)columdae.com


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