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HUMAN CARE, Sweden: We improve freedom of movement and quality of care for people.

Our products strive to serve as a natural part of life for caretakers and caregivers. Our 40 years of experience is reflected in a broad selection of premium products offering high customer value and satisfying every customer need. Mobility Aids, Lifting Solutions, Healthcare Beds, and Convertible Chairs are our main product areas.

In the early 80’ies, our product development team had a simple but brilliant idea. Put wheels on one of those walkers for the elderly! In May 1980 our first rollator came out from our factory in Småland, Sweden. The first rollator in the world had seen the light. Today we are a global market leader in rollators. Our rollator product range includes over 30 different models of Rollators meeting all customer needs. Our headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden with subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, and Australia. In addition, we collaborate with distributors in more than 30 other countries. For us safety, quality and usability are paramount. We constantly strive to safeguard and enhance the highest quality in all our products. In every detail, in every aspect, our products deliver what they promise.



Our passion is to create contemporary home and living designs. We go abroad to live, work and be inspired: impressions create expressions in a simple, aesthetic, functional style – rooted in our Scandinavian design history and cultural heritage.

Product wise we focus on products that creates a sense of order and balance in the home. STACK is stackable and flexible. POCKETS REST is the place to keep order of the content in your pockets – the things you bring with you in your pockets when you leave home. WONDER Dragonfly creates a sense of balance and calmness in your home.


Pharmatory is a Finnish, private customer-oriented company providing chemical process R&D, cGMP contract manufacturing of small molecule active pharmaceuticals ingredients (APIs) and analytical services.

Pharmatory offers wide range of R&D services tailored for human and veterinary pharma companies.  Our service palette includes route scouting, lab scale syntheses, analytical support and pilot scale cGMP manufacturing of key intermediates and APIs. Pharmatory has been routinely inspected since 2001 by the European Medicines Agency, making us a reliable partner for you.


Eurocolumbus was founded in 1972, is based in Milan, Italy and has been producing radiological equipment since the beginning.Today the Company is focused on a single products family and is leader in manufacturing high end C-Arms with Flat Panel Detector (and Imaging Tables too). Eurocolumbus has inside a very efficient Research and Development department, this guarantees reliable products with top market performances and competitive prices, compared to the most famous brands operating in the same sector. Present in many countries of the world, Eurocolumbus is well known by the most important Key Opinion Leaders who appreciate its quality, reliability and efficiency. Eurocolumbus is a part of a great Industrial Group with 75,000 employees and 23 research centers all over the world, which shows the growing international weight of the Company


Zanardi Fonderie cooperates with important brands coming from different market sectors, supplying components for gear and transmission, agriculture machines, construction machines, oleodynamic applications, industrial vehicles and railway applications.anardi Fonderie a family business since four generations, founded in 1931 – is an Italian foundry specialized in the development and production of spheroidal graphite iron (GJS) and austempered ductile iron (ADI) cast parts, which are moulded in automatic green sand molding line (flask measurements 710 x 900 x (250+350) mm). Our castings, mainly of medium size series, vary from a unit weight of 1 kg up to 120 kg.

Zanardi Fonderie has made investments over the years to vertically integrate all the production phases, which are concentrated inside a sole factory. Thanks to our robust integrated process, foundry, grinding, painting, machining and austempering heat treatment processes daily interact with quality control, engineering, co-design and researchactivities. Our heat treatment plant consists in 3 AFC Holcroft UBQA 36″ x 72″ x 36″, which are specific for Austempering heat treatment (with quenching in salt bath). We can treat part from 1kg up to 1.000kg. Basket dimensions 900 x 1800 x 900 mm.


The Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia (IBV), Spain an innovation centre focused on technological development in the field of biomechanics and provider of multiple technical solutions in different areas of healthcare that allow our customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors and be at the forefront of the market.

IBV has developed FallSkip, a biomechanical application which allows clinicians to evaluate older adults´ fall risk, attributed to their functional state. With that purpose, the system uses an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) embedded in a wearable console (mobile device), which is responsable to analyse their biomechanical response when performing a modified protocol of the Time up Go Test (TGU).

FallSkip is especially aimed at meeting the professionals´ needs of the primary, secondary and social healthcare sectors.


At Legor Group, we know making quality jewelry involves art and science. Our R&D and support teams include scientists and technicians with deep understanding of the science of alloys and plating solutions, plus experience in the manufacturing processes they are used in.

From the creation of the model to the final polish, Legor brings you the highest quality products and the support you need to incorporate them. We would like to partner with you to make beautiful things


ELLE EMME S.R.L. Since its foundation in 1974 as a manufacturer of high-precision components, Elle Emme has devoted itself to the production of top-quality customised metal parts. Thanks to its flexibility and dynamic approach, Elle Emme soon expanded its business to different areas, providing components for robotics and automations, med-tech, racing, aviation and – more generally – for any project requiring complex precision machining. The characteristics that distinguish us from other companies are our expertise and specific knowledge of materials and techniques and our manufacturing flexibility that enables us to machine prototypes as well as low and medium batch quantities. Today, Elle Emme specialises in the manufacture of entire machine sections and workstations, including:

- production of each individual component;

- heat-treatment, surface protection and finishing, precision rectification, laser engraving, etc. also thanks to a reliable network of external suppliers;

- purchasing of commercial material and, lastly,

- assembling and final testing.

This is why many loyal clients who have collaborated with us for decades consider Elle Emme a business partner rather than just a supplier.



Our company was founded in 1992 and manufactures cardboard and paper packaging for confectionery use mainly for pastries, bakeries, gastronomies, ice-creams, chocolate and every other take-away food. We offer an unrivalled portfolio of standard exclusive packaging that can be customized in small volumes with different kind of printings, making use of the highest level technologies. At the same time we also respond to the needs of each client by offering “tailor-made” products in terms of materials, shapes, finishing as well as targeted solutions for professionals in the confectionery sector distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

This offering is made stronger thanks to our vertically structure, our optimal graphic design team, our excellent production and logistic depts., which allow to ship the customized goods in a few days from the order. We’re also passionate about understanding shoppers and how they’re influenced in-store and we use that knowledge to design free-standing displays and counter displays, in temporary and permanent materials, that help our customers sell more, increase their products visibility and maximize their brand impact at the point of purchase.Our teams serve both local and global markets.


EMMECI, ITALY Our precision turnery has been producing metal components since 1963, always by offering the most efficient products and solutions based on Clients’ needs and requirements.

Our Italian medium-sized mechanical company, specialised in precision machining, manufactures metal components thanks to the technologies of its machine park: we work on metal bars on single spindle CNC lathes as well as on cam-type and CNC multi spindle lathes. Our diameters production ranges from 2mm to 42mm. We produce batches starting from 5.000 pieces each, reaching more than one million of pieces realized in steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, bronze, and even unusual materials such as gold tubes and plastics. However, we do not exclude any chance to produce smaller batches.

EMMECI branches out into different market sectors, which have increased and developed year-to-year. We have been automotive suppliers for 40 years. Braking systems, hydraulics, medical, construction equipment are other examples of market sectors we constantly work with. EMMECI obtained the certifications IATF16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001


F.A.L.C. srl, located in Castelfranco Veneto (Italy), is a firm born in 1958, from the previous family firm “Falegnameria Angelo Simioni” (born in47). Over 70 years of history results now in a Industry 4.0 company.
F.A.L.C. srl produces prefabricated monoblocks for windows and doors frames that ensure high quality thermoacoustic insulation, as to guarantee what we love most: your wealth.
Our insulated monoblocks perfectly suit for roller shutters, sunshades, blinds and shutters and can be integrated with Controlled Mechanical Ventilation systems. 

More than seventy years of collaborations on worksites all around Italy taught us how too often the lack of consideration of key factors, like the good construction and the windows/doors/walls frame insulation, can be the cause of multiple problems even with the latest buildings.
Today F.A.L.C. srl is an advanced technology company that exploits almost completely automated production processes, but remains faithful to old values and traditions making everyday the first day and looking for the high quality of the final products instead of the mere profit.c


AEP transducers  is based in Modena, Italy and was founded in 1970. Designs, manufactures and sells load cells, force transducers, torque transducers, displacement transducers, pressure transducers and transmitters, digital pressure gauges, dynamometers, electronic instrumentation and application software. In addition, the catalog has 11 ATEX certified load cell families.

The company has a Metrological Laboratory accredited by ACCREDIA for the Force, Pressure and Torque to guarantee the quality of its products.

The company owns all the machinery to produce both the mechanical and electronic parts of the products; this allows to customize the product according to customer requirements.

Internal know-how and product reliability have led the company to become known abroad, where today it exports 40% of its production.



Asalift, a company dedicated to the rental and technical assistance of self-propelled aerial platforms, has acquired a significant technological know-how in over 20 years as builders (AIRO self-propelled aerial platforms) and subsequently in the design and development of intelligent systems to make the diesel engines of small operating machines hybrid.

ZainoMotore: Easy to use, reliable and performing, it allows you to operate with the same mini-excavator both outside and inside, especially in those situations where LOW NOISE and ZERO EMISSIONS are required.

ZainoMotore, the result of this research, is a revolutionary system that allows, with simple installation, TO MAKE the mini-excavator HYBRID, solving all problems related to the use of the diesel engine.

ZainoMotore greatly increases the possibilities of use and the profitability of the mini-excavator.




M.A.R. is a leading Italian Company manufacturing liquid and powder machines for the pharmaceutical field.

Our Company started with the production of semi automatic machines for laboratories and small batches, more than 40 years ago and nowadays our machines  range includes  solutions for vials, cartridge and syringes – in nest and out of  nest – covering different speeds up to 600 vials per minute, as well as customized complete lines from washing machines to end of line equipment. In the 70’s M.A.R. was the first company to realize a machine with a statistic check-weighing system and in the early 90’s the first project under isolator was achieved. Thanks to our network, M.A.R. covers major markets like Europe, North/ South America, and Asia, achieving an extensive reference list. M.A.R. is the right solution for your pharmaceutical projects.


reflects on a perfect Danish way of thinking which we have with our products, either mainstream or avant-garde. We are inspired by the important trade shows, mainly in Milan, which is the main and the most groundbreaking. The entire process takes place internally, from concept to design and further development and production. We get help for this work from our family factory in Italy or from a few loyal subcontractors.

SPECIALTIES: Furniture, Design, Table tops & legs, Lamps






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