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Eurocolumbus was founded in 1972, is based in Milan (Italy) and has been producing radiological equipment since the beginning.Today the Company is focused on a single products family and is leader in manufacturing high end C-Arms with Flat Panel Detector (and Imaging Tables too). Eurocolumbus has inside a very efficient Research and Development department, this guarantees reliable products with top market performances and competitive prices, compared to the most famous brands operating in the same sector. Present in many countries of the world, Eurocolumbus is well known by the most important Key Opinion Leaders who appreciate its quality, reliability and efficiency.Eurocolumbus is a part of a great Industrial Group with 75,000 employees and 23 research centers all over the world, which shows the growing international weight of the Company


Zanardi Fonderie – – a family business since four generations, founded in 1931 – is an Italian foundry specialized in the development and production of spheroidal graphite iron (GJS) and austempered ductile iron (ADI) cast parts, which are moulded in automatic green sand molding line (flask measurements 710 x 900 x (250+350) mm). Our castings, mainly of medium size series, vary from a unit weight of 1 kg up to 120 kg.

Zanardi Fonderie cooperates with important brands coming from different market sectors, supplying components for gear and transmission, agriculture machines, construction machines, oleodynamic applications, industrial vehicles and railway applications.

Zanardi Fonderie has made investments over the years to vertically integrate all the production phases, which are concentrated inside a sole factory. Thanks to our robust integrated process, foundry, grinding, painting, machining and austempering heat treatment processes daily interact with quality control, engineering, co-design and research activities.

Our heat treatment plant consists in 3 AFC Holcroft UBQA 36″ x 72″ x 36″, which are specific for Austempering heat treatment (with quenching in salt bath). We can treat part from 1kg up to 1.000kg. Basket dimensions 900 x 1800 x 900 mm.


AEP transducers ( is based in Modena, Italy and was founded in 1970. Designs, manufactures and sells load cells, force transducers, torque transducers, displacement transducers, pressure transducers and transmitters, digital pressure gauges, dynamometers, electronic instrumentation and application software. In addition, the catalog has 11 ATEX certified load cell families.

The company has a Metrological Laboratory accredited by ACCREDIA for the Force, Pressure and Torque to guarantee the quality of its products.

The company owns all the machinery to produce both the mechanical and electronic parts of the products; this allows to customize the product according to customer requirements.

Internal know-how and product reliability have led the company to become known abroad, where today it exports 40% of its production.


Studio Associato De Vecchi, a third generation firm founded in 1925 in Milan, is able to offer any type of company not only tax, accounting, legal and company services, but also those for corporate finance: mergers and acquisitions, company restructuring and recovery, mediation and settlement of interests. Studio Associato De Vecchi is also appointed as Principal firms in Italy of HLB International, an international network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers. Formed in 1969, HLBI is a leading mid-tier international accounting network, servicing clients through its member firms in over 100 countries. On 25th November 2009 Studio Associato De Vecchi set up the HLB Consultants Italia professional network, in association with four leading Italian tax and labor law consultancy practices. Currently HLB Consultants Italia has eight main offices, with 32 associates and a staff of more than 130 people.


M.A.R. is a leading Italian Company manufacturing liquid and powder machines for the pharmaceutical field.

Our Company started with the production of semi automatic machines for laboratories and small batches, more than 40 years ago and nowadays our machines  range includes  solutions for vials, cartridge and syringes – in nest and out of  nest – covering different speeds up to 600 vials per minute, as well as customized complete lines from washing machines to end of line equipment.

In the 70’s M.A.R. was the first company to realize a machine with a statistic check-weighing system and in the early 90’s the first project under isolator was achieved. Thanks to our network, M.A.R.  covers major markets like Europe, North/ South America, and Asia, achieving an extensive reference list.  M.A.R. is the right solution for your pharmaceutical projects.


Seatec, 10/11th International Exhibition of Technology, Subcontracting and Design for Boats, Megayachts and Ship - Marina di Carrara 8-10 February an event not to be missed for the nautical industry operators, shows exhibitors.

COLUMDAE will be happy to offer you our discounted rates for your booth, accommodation and transportation and assist your company during this event. We can organize meetings and support your negotiations to optimize your business opportunities.  Columdae can also prepare your participation by organizing your booth, and making sure you get the best possible exposure during the event.


TECNOFLUSS with a twenty-years experience in packaging field, designs, builds and commercializes complete filling and capping lines for liquid, dense and doughy products addressed to the  food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic field:

Founded in 1992 after a twenty year experience in bottling field, TECNOFLUSS enters in the international market thanks to a innovative patent for high performances volumetric dosing unit starting from a semi-automatic machine to the complete automatic line.

Our commercial organization is present all over the world through agents and distributors in Europe, South and North America, Africa and Asia.



EnkelSoft is an IT consulting and outsourcing company. Our headquarters are located in Sweden; we have development centers in Russia and Ukraine and our partner network spreads across Europe. Together with our partner companies we form a small and flexible group accomplishing various-size projects. Our services include custom software development (web sites, mobile and desktop applications), business intelligence, reporting, cloud computing and much more.

Please watch our presentation video: I7Mx4gdib8M

reflects on a perfect Danish way of thinking which we have with our products, either mainstream or avant-garde. We are inspired by the important trade shows, mainly in Milan, which is the main and the most groundbreaking. The entire process takes place internally, from concept to design and further development and production. We get help for this work from our family factory in Italy or from a few loyal subcontractors.

SPECIALTIES: Furniture, Design, Table tops & legs, Lamps


Audere ApS is a INTERNETSHOP with bags and belts designed and manufactured in Italy by the most talented designers who are known to use the best quality when they fabricate their products.

Fabulous handmade handbags, belts and luggage from Italy Everything is produced with passion offers handmade handbags, belts and suitcases in the best possible quality. We have chosen to operate exclusively with small Italian producers to keep alive the proud traditions of italian craftsmenship and their family-owned businesses. In this way we have a world of individuality rather than indifferent mass production – to the delight of us all.  Italy and Italians are our passion, and we want to share this passion with you.

We do not just want customers – our goal is passionated fans!


NanJing Deva Chemicals Co.,Ltd

was found in 1998, which is specializes in manufacturing ,supplying and exporting a series of chemical raw materials in China. DEVA products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world like America, Australia, European, Middle East, Africa etc.

Serving inorganic & organic chemicals products from China. We enclose products cataloge which covers the main products we supply at present:

1.Zinc Oxide, 2.Titanium Dioxide, 3.Magnesium oxide, 4.Aluminium Sulphate, 5.Paraffin wax,
6. Sodium gluconate, 7.Carbon Black, 8.Soda Ash, 9.Caustic Soda.  We will be happy to give you a competitive quotation upon receipt of your details requirement. Looking forward to your earliest reply!


We are looking for a new partner in France and Italy to develop our business – Green energy sectors

we are an engineering company operating in the renewable sectors in Denmark. Our mission is to design and create high-technology plants, with optimal output that can produce clean, cost-effective and most importantly unlimited energy. We supply green solutions providing will all–round, assistance at every stage: from planning and installation, through to financial support, administrative procedures and maintenance to cover the plant’s lifecycle.

We would like to expand our business in South of Europe, especially in Italy and France, we are looking for a professional and solid partner to work in several projects in these area

anonymous – please contact us for more information


We are a Swedish growth and technology company with its headquarters in Stockholm, and subsidiaries in France and Germany and with an office in Italy. The company has its core expertise in exterior automotive lighting, and the preferred partner of the car manufacturers.

During the last years we have seen increasing interest for our solution in several European countries, and we are particularly pleased to win these deals, since it shows that we can also be an important part in the global markets of provided distinctive light for many models of well known car brands. Now, we feel ready to develop our business also in Asia, in particular we are interested to Indian, Japanese and Korean automotive markets. We would like to meet possible sole distributors for our products in these countries.

anonymous – please contact us for more information


Global Trade Enterprise

We are looking for Agent/Distributor for our range of Solar Powered Products, especially our Solar Mobile Phone Charger.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce a very new product which could solve the problem of having a flat battery whilst being outdoor and having to carry too many chargers for your different electronic gadgets! Please kindly be informed that this product not only charges the battery of Mobile Phone but it can also be use to charge Digital Camera, MP3, Radio, and CD Player. Please kindly contact us immediately if you are interested to be our distributor.

anonymous – please contact us for more information



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