Clients / Distributors Export Search

Columdae actively looks for the right clients and distributors to represent your company or to distribute your products and services in their markets.

We actively look for new sales channels or business partners to support you or can even help you in setting up your own office abroad.

Our focus:

  • Finding new end customers - we find the right sourcing or purchasing clients in your target industries and companies.
  • New importers or distributors - We identify the best representatives in your target market(s), who can sell your products efficiently to the right end customer group(s).

Let’s get started.

Via a short questionnaire we do a first screening of the potential on the market you want to expand to. This free of charge approach gives you a high level view on the export potential and allows you to make a founded decision before you go for that specific export market and find the right partners to work with

Fill in our Client Questionnaire – COLUMDAE ApS